Even the little race cars have big crashes.  He walked away.

Brayton and Chris Green (Coach, Crew Chief, Mentor, Sponsor and Friend)

Brayton, like so many other young racers, grew up watching his dad, Dane "Bartman" Laster racing Outlaw Figure 8 cars.  Brayton had one goal-to follow his dad's footsteps by becoming a racer.  Brayton started racing at 8 years old in what is called a Junior Faskart.  Junior Faskarts are basically a go kart with a cage.  After learning in the Junior Faskarts, Brayton moved up in the Roadrunner division at the Indianapolis Speedrome.  These are full fledged race cars with V8 engines and a 112 inch wheelbase.  In Brayton's first race in the Roadrunner division (against grown men), Brayton finished 8th.  Who knows what the future holds.


Brayton dreaming of following his father's footsteps.  Dreams do come true.


Brayton Laster

Professional Race Car Driver
AGE: 15
HOMETOWN: Greenwood, Indiana
EMAIL: Brayton@BraytonLaster.com

Dirt Latemodel great CJ Rayburn giving Brayton some advice.